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Zalando, a Berlin-based online fashion retailer founded in 2008, has quickly become a leading platform for fashion and lifestyle products in Europe. With a revenue of €10 billion in 2022, Zalando caters to a young, fashion-conscious audience aged 18-34, offering products ranging from affordable to luxury items.

Originally serving Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, Zalando now operates in 25 European countries, hosting big-name brands like Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. The platform also supports smaller brands like Vagabond Shoemakers and Ganni, which have experienced significant growth by leveraging Zalando’s customer reach.

Zalando’s excellent customer service, including free shipping and returns, has contributed to its high sales conversion rates. This, combined with the platform’s rapid growth and extensive customer base, makes Zalando an attractive option for sellers looking to expand their reach and boost sales in the online fashion retail space. Zalando presents an amazing opportunity for growing fashion brands seeking to tap into a wider audience and elevate their online presence. By joining this thriving platform, emerging brands can benefit from exposure to millions of potential customers and establish themselves alongside well-known names in the industry.

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