Selling on Marketplaces

Expertise from our team spans the entire process, from initial listing to scaling up sales, ensuring your brand enjoys a hassle-free marketplace journey.

Apple Designs currently serves 22 European countries.

At every step, have a team of marketplace experts behind you.

From sourcing to listing, and selling to scaling, our team provides expert support at every step, ensuring a seamless marketplace experience for your brand

We offer a wide range of marketplaces connections. This includes, Zalando, About You, Otto, Douglas, Amazon & La Redoute.  We’ve already navigated marketplace bureaucracy and troubleshooting. As a result, we’re experts at the integration process. We can guarantee a quick and efficient connection.

Our experience ranges from performance marketing to large sophisticated campaigns in close collaboration with marketplaces across Europe.

We achieve high conversion rates for our brands by carefully planning  stock, photography, sizing and attributes.

We utilise advanced analytics tools to provide our clients with in-depth, weekly marketplace reports along with data-driven, actionable strategies.

With years of experience of selling in 22 European countries, Apple Designs provides in-depth knowledge regarding internationalisation.

Apple Desings works closely with clients to manage stock levels. Planning for new collections, seasons and events. Advising on available import and export solutions.

In cooperation with clients, we develop a talior made marketplace strategy, based on client objectives.

Apple Designs has a constant pulse on developments in the marketplace industry, which enables us to rapidly identify and capitalise on said changes for our clients. Visit our Guides & Updates page to learn more.

We Work With:

Data-Driven Excellence.

The marketplaces we work with are renowned for their high sales conversion rates. This is attributed to a strong focus on customer experience, personalised recommendations, and a user-friendly interface. These elements have significantly contributed to their success in attracting and retaining customers.

By leveraging data-driven insights, advanced targeting strategies, and an in-depth understanding of marketplaces, we have consistently delivered results that are nearly twice as effective as average marketplace conversion rate. This record of success establishes us as a valuable ally for brands aiming to excel on marketplace platforms.

Conversion Rates

Apple Designs
Fashion Ecommerce*

*Grips Intelligence

*Q3 2023, Statista.

Success Story

Araa Active operates in the very competitive women’s activewear industry.

The objective was to rapidly increase sales through internationalisation, increasing conversion rates, and expansion of marketplace sales channels.

Let The Numbers Speak For Themselves!

1 %
Average Conversion Rate
1 %
Lower Returns Rate
Countries Selling In

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on client needs, we offer the use of either ChannelUnity or Tradebytes.

Yes, certainly! We can collaborate with clients to enable them to integrate and leverage their own logistics systems within a marketplace model.

Generally, it depends on the marketplace and client needs. Briefly put, we stablish a marketplace strategy and connection.

Every brand is different. This is why we assess a brands potential for internationalisation on a case-by-case basis.

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