Sustainability and Online Marketplaces

  Sustainability and Online Marketplaces Key Takeaways Aspect Insight Consumer Interest Sustainable products receive 1.9x more views. Conversion Rates 10% higher for sustainable products compared to non-sustainable alternatives. Return Rates Sustainable products boast lower return rates, indicating higher customer satisfaction. The Rise of Sustainable Shopping on Online Marketplaces The trend towards sustainability is not just […]

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Selling on Zalando: Self-fulfilled vs ZFS.

  Selling on Zalando: Self-fulfilled vs Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) Key Takeaways Aspect Self-fulfilled Zalando Fulfillment Solutions (ZFS) Control High control over logistics Zalando handles logistics Costs Additional costs for logistics management Fee-based, potentially saving on shipping Quality Assurance Must meet Zalando’s quality requirements Zalando ensures quality and customer service Access to Markets Need to arrange

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Selling on Zalando in 2024: comprehensive guide

About Zalando. Zalando, a Berlin-based online fashion retailer founded in 2008, has quickly become a leading platform for fashion and lifestyle products in Europe. With a revenue of €10 billion in 2022, Zalando caters to a young, fashion-conscious audience aged 18-34, offering products ranging from affordable to luxury items. Originally serving Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, Zalando

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